“…the love injected into their performances is palpable and utterly riveting. Neon Nightz is at once a smouldering ode to the power of stripping and a fascinating exploration of its limitations” **** EYE. 

“Neon Nightz is a three-woman frottage, harnessing the electricity of the rub where fantasy, feminism, sexuality, art and athletics meet in the world of stripping.” EDGY WOMEN BLOG
“Stunning…a piece about the meaning of sex, the uses of anonymity, and the chorus of shame and pleasure, saints and sinners we all become in the dark. Passionate, sentient work.” TOURISME MONTREAL BLOG

Neon Nightz Trailer


Mesmerizing… Les Demimondes makes brilliant use of mixed media presentations to sample representations of whores from movies, music, television, print media and capital-A Art, weaving these images together with monologue, video and dance performances.  Through Prostitution Herself, the whores and allies of Operation Snatch add their voices to sex workers’ demand for rights… delivering an integral piece of the puzzle by laying bare the “everyday” images of sex workers that pervade culture with dangerous misrepresentations of sex workers’ lives and needs.

While this play cackles along, tight-trope-walking all you thought you knew about the work and lives of whores with a lively array of performance and dance, perhaps what is the more compelling than hilarious wit is the feeling that you’re finally hearing a different voice explain what it is to do the oldest profession in history yet receive none of the cultural kudos. The realness of the women onstage is undoubtedly the best part about this performance. Their downright heart and humanity cuts through whatever preconceived notions out there we might have believed, but can’t anymore. And, under the red lights, I couldn’t help but feel like something timeless was liberated in the studio those nights. Edgy Women Blog

Les Demimonde – Creative Trafficking


“If Sasha Van Bon Bon didn’t exist, then someone surely would have had to invent her. Last night’s opening of Who’s Your Dada? (the latest creation of the estimable Ms. Van Bon Bon and her appropriately named The Scandelles) raised the temperature inside Buddies In Bad Times by many degrees, both in the theatre and in the libidos of the audience.”
Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star 



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