For over a decade, The Scandelles have been Toronto’ premier cabaret theatre company, producing mid- to large-scale multidisciplinary shows that have delighted and aroused audiences and critics alike. Unapologetically sexual and ruthlessly entertaining, The Scandelles have been on the vanguard of contemporary cabaret since 2000, with a string of sold out and critically acclaimed shows in Toronto and Montreal. In 2012, they chose to bid adieu to their company and begin anew as Operation Snatch.

“The name change reflects our desire to continue on in the tradition of the politically mindful work we have been pursuing for over  7 years,” says artistic co-director, Alexandra Tigchelaar (formerly known by her stage name Sasha Van Bon Bon). “Though Operation Snatch might have an equally sensational ring to it—and there certainly is a double entendre to it— it also reflects our longstanding mandate as activist theatre creators. Operation Snatch was an operative initiated by the Canadian government against the Doukhobors in the 1950s. Because the Doukhobors refused to school their children with “traditionally” Canadian methods and values, our government took them away and placed them in residential schools .” Adds Cat Nimmo (formerly known as Kitty Neptune) “The Doukhobors protested this injustice completely naked. We too, believe in using our bodies to stand up for what we believe in and to demonstrate strength though physical vulnerability and vulnerability through emotional strength.”


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